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Please note that we have updated our Best-Selling DVD to USB format. Both formats are compatible with our online exam.

PAT Testing equipment from
City & Guilds Training centre

The following reviews were kindly left by our Pat testing course delegates:


'Fantastic dvd the subject matter was covered in simple and easy to understand language and the demos were about spot on for all locations that you will come across'

Stuart Hall:

'Very good DVD, Plain english easy to understand. I will now be passing on my information to my employers to use this course in the future.'

Mark Peevers:

'Brilliant insight into pat testing, and a great exam too. Really chuffed at passing the exam with 96%!!! Thanks for a great course!!!!!!'

rich sidaway:

'impressed with all the above, customer service/ relations - outstanding'

Sara Craggs:

'Very concise and informative will be recommending this DVD to others. Thanks Sara Craggs'

albert ward:

'very informative... an excellent and easy way to learn and understand the complexities of p.a.t. testing. thank you for a clear and concise course'

Steven Eggleton:

'An all-round very user-friendly and informative package. I found it better than the C&G course I sat and passed previously, answering many questions that that course didn't address.'

Stephen Clough:

'I was trained a few years a go to carry out pat testing, but i found this DVD to be a lot more thorough.
I have always used the automatic pat tester settings to test equipment, but now i will be able to carry out the tests in manual mode also, as the DVD was very informative in this aspect.

This DVD is worth every penny and proves that some testing companies cut corners while carrying out their tests.'

Paul Taylor:

'Vear good & thank you for the after services'

lwslie davis:

'Found it very useful and informative I did better than I thaught I would on the exam ordered it months ago and never used it scared of it really but after doing the exam wondered why. Thank you keep up the good work '

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