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Please note that we have updated our Best-Selling DVD to USB format. Both formats are compatible with our online exam.

PAT Testing equipment from
City & Guilds Training centre


To carry out Portable Appliance Testing (Pat Testing) whether it is to test within your company or start a business you must first be deemed "competent". You can be deemed competent by undertaking a training course with examination to prove you are competent.

Once you have watched the dvd and taken the online examination your certificate can be printed immediately to prove that you are competent and have passed the examination.

Do I have to become an electrician to carry out Pat testing?

"Any sensible (competent) member of staff can do it if they have been given enough knowledge and training."

What is enough knowledge and training?

"They need to know what to look at, what to look for and what to do, but more importantly they should be able to avoid danger to themselves or others. So, they should have basic electrical knowledge together with common sense, e.g switch off and unplug the equipment first! Simple training can cover all of this."

Once you have passed the exam you will receive a Certificate in Technical Competence in In service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. (PAT Testing)

The USB is based on the IET guidelines for In service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Pat testing) and also City and Guilds examinations.

There is no time limit and the exam does not expire.

The exam consists of 24 multiple choice questions. The format and questions are comparable to City and Guilds questions.

If you fail the exam you can retake the exam as many times as you require at no extra cost.

If you successfully complete the exam then you will be prompted to download your certificate. View the sample certificate here.

We want you to fully understand Pat testing so go back and watch any sections that you are not sure of and when you are ready retake the test.

There is much to be learned when it comes to PAT testing. A one day course is good and has it's advantages but so does a USB.

The USB consists of individual bite sized sections which take you from an introduction to Pat testing, why we must carry out, right through to carrying out the testing on different types of appliances such as Industrial 110 volt and IT equipment for a full list see the USB syllabus page.

Not only do you get to see different appliances you also are taken through testing in different environments such as offices, shops, industrial, garages and kitchens.

Each section can be viewed and viewed again until it is understood unlike a 1 day course.

It is also a great refresher course for those who have not carried out Pat testing.

If you would like to train more than one person then you simply purchase an additional exam here. This can be activated immediately.

Using the same dvd the second person can take the exam and obtain a certificate. You can have as many employees as you like using the same USB.

  • Learn in your own time - at your own pace
  • Watch the USB as many times as you need to until you are competent.
  • Carry out an examination - Online - As many times as you require until you are successful - at no extra cost.
  • The USB will answer all of your questions regarding Pat testing but if your still not sure about any aspect of the testing - Give us a call, we're always here to answer your questions.
PAT USB Previews

Testing a Drill

Microwave Testing

Visual Inspections 1

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