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We have updated our Best-Selling DVD/USB to an online course. All formats are compatible with our online course/exam.

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PAT Testing Handbook

PAT Testing Handbook

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The PAT testing handbook, written by Seggy T. Segaran in combination with PASS, is a unique content portable appliance testing handbook and is an ideal investment for all PAT technicians.

All the everyday PAT testing examples are written in an easy to understand and read language register, making the information much more valuable.

This PAT handbook emphasises and uses the IEE Code of Practice, includes photographic examples and colour coded sections for convenience and ease of use.

The PAT testing examples and the useful appendix at the back of this PAT testing handbook are invaluable for easy reference.

For new PAT technicians this resource is a must buy, for more experienced technicians it is an extremely useful guide.

  • Chapter 1: Why do we have to PAT Test?
  • Chapter 2: Health & Safety Executive Guidelines
  • Chapter 3: Getting ready
  • Chapter 4: Class of equipment
  • Chapter 5: Types of electrical appliances
  • Chapter 6: Work environments
  • Chapter 7: How often do you maintain equipment?
  • Chapter 8: Test records and labels
  • Chapter 9: User Checks
  • Chapter 10: Formal Visual Inspection
  • Chapter 11: Fuses
  • Chapter 12: Testing
  • Chapter 13: Earth Continuity test
  • Chapter 14: Insulation Resistance test
  • Chapter 15: Earth Leakage test
  • Chapter 16: Other tests
  • Chapter 17: PAT Testers
  • Test Examples 1: Electric kettles and other kitchen appliances
  • Test Examples 2: Electric fans and heaters
  • Test Examples 3: Lamps and other household appliances
  • Test Examples 4: Microwave ovens
  • Test Examples 5: Power-tools and other workshop appliances
  • Test Examples 6: Desktop PCs, Laptops, monitors and other IT equipment
  • Test Examples 7: IEC Leads and mains extensions
  • Test Examples 8: Residual Current Devices (RDCs)
  • Test Examples 9: 110v transformers, appliances and extensions
  • Test Examples 10: 3-phase appliances and extensions
  • Test Examples 11: Useful PAT testing adaptors
PAT USB Previews

Testing a Drill

Microwave Testing

Visual Inspections 1

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